Monday, 6 December 2010

Breaking up is oh-so hard to do

It's been a long time coming, we're just into different things now. You seem to have got carried away smoozing with the a-listers in the Ritz leaving me at home with hot chocolate and marshmallows (don't get me wrong, it's lovely, but sometimes I want to be the one wearing the ballgown.)
I remember when we first met, you were so funny, so clever, you opened up a world that I'd never explored before. But eventually snorting coke off a prostitute's chest just becomes a bit of a cliché, that's what you like, I know it is, I'm not trying to beat you down over your life choices...but really, the bubbles fizz in my nose and give me brain freeze.
Recently I've become distant, I do still think about you, I check up every so often (call it stalkerish) but I just like to keep an interest. Maybe the odd comment from time to time made me rethink things, and maybe that's why I've been putting this off for so long.
I hope we can still be friends, and who knows what the future could bring, but for now, I'm so sorry.
Blog...It's over

Saturday, 21 August 2010


The day the Panama Kings are no more.

(Thats not an idle threat, the boys announced they're breaking up at the Animal Disco 2nd birthday last night. It's sad, but since Franko left they've been fairly quiet, so maybe it's for the best)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Festival Schedule 2010

Summer for the cool kids is epitomised by attending the most obscure festivals in Norn Iron and scoffing at the newbies who think they're oh so cool wearing flowery wellies even if the festival is taking place on dry tarmac. Then again, at 22 I think I'm just getting old and bitter at the influx of teenagers who long took over my queenster crown!

This year the festival scene is getting bigger and better than ever, but with even Forfey boasting Iain Archer this year (yeah bleeding Iain Archer like) I'd love a new grassroots tiny festival to take the reigns.

Unfortunately (well actually exceptionally fortunate for my finances) I am starting a new job this week, so my attendance at any of these festivals is up in the air until I manage to wangle a few days off.

And so without further ado, I present to you, the highlights of ...

Emma's summer festival 2010!


When: 3rd July (yes, yesterday)
Where: Delamont, Killyleagh
Cost: £32
Highlights: Spaniels Heart Club, Ponydance and the now legendary Scary-go-round. Music delights from The Answer, JSC, Bocs Social and Ruby Colly amongst many others. The music only takes place during one day although you are welcome to camp and there will be other entertainment from the day before.


When: 24th July
Where: Eagle's Rock, Draperstown
Cost: £40
Highlights: A musical myriad including Fighting With Wire, Duke Special, More Than Conquerors, Stand Up Guy and the lovely Pocket Billiards.

Rathlin Jigs & Rigs
When: 30th July-1st August
Where: Rathlin Island
Cost: Donation
Highlights: Notoriously secretive until dangerously close to the time the festival fundraisers have started already. Undoubtable bands will include The Jahm Band and Team Fresh. Last year saw fire dancers but it's considerably less art focused than the other festivals. After bands finish the dj's play through the night in a few of the venues allowing for an eclectic mix to suit any taste. And yes this "logo" photo is just in fact a snap of us in front of the stage last year.

When: 6th-8th August
Where: Forfey Farm, Fermanagh
Cost: £35
Highlights: Windsor Film Club along with a few similar gems from last year like Yoga and Tea and Politics. Art from Colette McHugh and Trisha McNally and of course Crooksy's Guilty Pleasures Disco - my personal highlight of last summer. Bands include Adebesi Shank, The Cast of Cheers, La Faro and Napoleon.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cam Head Creep: aka The Belfast Ripper

The Cam Head Creep has been prowling the streets of Belfast for a couple of months now, when I fist saw him pulling down flyposters in Stranmillis he had his bike but not his trademark hat and flourescent jacket. Now he's evolved, trapping unsuspecting flyposterers all across the city, beware...he has the authority to make a citizens arrest!

This is the first recorded footage of the Cam Head Creep captured while Team Fresh were postering Botanic:

And of course, the Belfast music scene's response, courtesy of John D'arcy, A Plastic Rose, Kasper Rosa and probably a few more:

He's a strange fish...

I'm going to start posting these around town

Lost: One Belfast band.

Answers to the name "Panama Kings". Last seen a few months ago. The Panama Kings are likely to be hiding shy since their little brother Franko ran away. If seen approach softly, they're gentle folk.

The gratitude of scenesters everywhere

Photo by the ever stunning Erin Kelly