Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Love Child of Procrastination and Boredom

I have a private blog already, another blog is a completely pointless endeavour which serves only to waste time which could be spent revising, essay writing or sleeping. However, as much as I love my other blog, I have had it for nearly 2 years now and it is full of bad feelings, pessimism, self-destruction, denial and regret, emotions which have diminished to almost extinction recently. I've just taken the time today to read back over it, it's quite upsetting really. New blog (Blog 2.0) is a celebration! Though I am going to have to be exceptionally careful since I'm so used to mentioning people's names in the old blog without a care in the world, I imagine the repurcussions of this would be fairly severe in the public domain. No drunken posting ramblings, no emotional outbursts, no monologues revealing my plan to take over the world...

I should explain the title. I spent a good hour and a half listening to songs on my ipod which I thought may contain short, snappy, witty or thought provoking lyrics I could plagiarise for my own wretched ends. Apparently they don't exist, and those which do are far too popularised so some other scoundral already has already stolen them. A life sized-paper doll is simply a nice little phrase from the Andrew Bird song MX Missiles, not my favourite Andrew Bird song (Fake Palindromes since you asked), but lovely nonetheless.

There we go then, what a delightful introduction. In this time I could have written my essay which is due on Monday. My final year essay. Worth 35% of the module. Which I haven't started...

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