Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just to continue on the downer...

it's exactly 10 years ago tonight the man broke into my house and stabbed dad.

Yup, I'm a bundle of laughs

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


A man was found dead in the shallow river in Dundonald, he was beaten around the head. The post mortem is being carried out tomorrow so I will know for sure. But I think I know him.


You don't choose your friends, but nor do they choose you. Friendship is born out of a shared fear of lonliness, abandonment or desperation. It may feel nice and cuddly and warm, but that's all an illusion, emotions that you have felt a hundred billion times since the first person in the playground came over to talk to you because they didn't want to spend lunchtime alone.
I'm feeling distinctly lonely. It's at times like these when I launch headfirst into my philosophy, bring on the existentialists! All is full of Nothing.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Calcium is Deadly

Generally I start blogging with some sort of intention as to what I want to talk about, something that can act as a focus to drag my ramblings back to. Not this time, so apologise for the rather twisted train of thought.

Since last blogged I saw the Manics, it was phenomonal, I cried, yes, I am a twat. The next day (Sunday) I took Abi on her mystery birthday tour. We went to Dublin to see War of the Worlds, Alexis James ran around the audience and a fleeting thought gripped me as I sat at the end of the aisle..."jump in front of him". I didn't but oh lordy it took some personal strength. Justin Hayward missed his cue for the Eve of The War too, that was mad!

And so ends the official post-exam celebrations. Oh...except for the traditional end-of-an-era piercings!
As of Wednesday 10th June, I am the proud owner of three more surface piercings, all around my right hip bone! Two green discs with a purple star in the middle!

(Similar to this but with three of them a less attractive tummy)
I love them so much, it's a little worrying that no one else likes them, but hell, if I'm destined to be alone I'm going to be alone and happy!

I was going to launch into a self-reflexive commentary on my most recent dabblings in self destruction but I don't think I have the energy for soul searching today.

Instead I'll end with a run down of the exciting July ahead, all courtesy of the Trans Belfast festival. It amazes me the amount of people who don't know what's going on in their own city, it's a real shame

Copy and Pasted straight from my facebook note, these are my "must do's"
If anyone needs me in July, you shall more than likely find me in the following places!

The Lowly Knights
Panda Kopanda
Seven Summits
John Shelley and the Creatures
Desert Hearts
Dutch Schultz
Strait Laces
Before Machines
(This is going to be annoying because panda kopanda and dutch schultz are on at the same time (presumably) in different places in the Waterfront!-Argle!)

10th July - WATERFRONT
Panama Kings
Axis Of

14th July
La Faro
A Plastic Rose

15th July
Arts as a form of protest (discussion panel)

16th July - WATERFRONT
Liverpool Showcase

16th July
Do the rights thing

18th July - BLACK BOX
Super Extra Bonus Party
Team Fresh

19th July
Black Market

19th July - ULSTER HALL
John Shelley and The Creatures


26th July - BLACK BOX
Money Back Guaranteed
(Katie and the Carnival)

26th July - BLACK BOX CAFE
Sunday Service

There's a good few with clash (mostly with silly work) and some more which I would like to go to but I don't know that I'll have the energy for. It seems I'm lacking in motivation for life as full as it once was.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I am the Girl Who Wanted to be God

Yesterday I finished my final exam in university, and since it I have been in a foul mood and I am hugely apologetic for it. I went out last night and saw my wonderfully talented friends gigging, and then met up with some other friends all with their own unique amazing skills, everyone had something that they are renouned for being phenomonal at in comparision to everyone else. My friends are fantastic and as the night wore on I felt smaller and smaller.

That was day one of my post-finals "celebration" and instead of moving forward I'm spiralling right back to where I had come so far from. Old issues are fast reappearing to slap me in the face, it never rains but it pours.

Tonight I'm going to see one of my top 3 bands in the world, the band who made my favourite album of all time, and I would much rather just crawl under a blanket.
I'm very mixed up about a lot of things at the minute, and whilst it doesn't make me feel better, it works as a sort of empathy through music.

I'm going to experience the Manic Street Preachers, most likely for the last time in my life.

Isn't it lovely,
when the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.
Isn't it lovely,
When the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.

Goodnight my sweetheart
Until we leave tonight
Hold me in your arms.
Wish me some luck as you wave goodbye to me.
You're the best friends I ever had.

Goodnight, sleep tight.
Goodnight, God bless.
Goodnight, nos da.
I'll try my best.

Isn't it lovely,
When the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.
Isn't it lovely,
when the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.

I will be waiting all my cares are for you
Dreams they leave and die.
I'm just gonna close my eyes,
think about my family,
shed a little tear.

Goodnight, sleep tight.
Goodnight, God bless.
Goodnight, nos da.
I'll try my best.

Isn't it lovely,
when the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.
Isn't it lovely,
when the dawn brings the dew?
I'll be watching over you.

Leave me, go Jesus
I love you, yeah I love you,
Just let me go.
I even love the devil
For yes he did me harm
To keep me any longer.

'Cos I'm really tired
I'd love to go to sleep and wake up happy
Yeah I'm really tired
I'd love to go to sleep and wake up happy,
Wake up happy.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I'm Planning to Make Plans of Plans

My whole life has revolved around plans, I used to list things obsessively, time my day down to the second, everything would be written out nice and tidily ready for order to just follow of it's own accord. But it never did, because as well organised my intention was, my execution is always and will always be chaotic to say the least. I went through school and fell into university, largely because I didn't seriously consider any other option, as of Friday my life "plan" comes to an end. I never thought to plan past university, surely then everything falls into place? Apparently not.

I used to have such hopes and ambition, and I planned to follow it, but I never saw it through. Prudence got the better of me, not that Philosophy can be considered a terribly usedul subject, but at least it has some element of structure, some basis for intellect, people are interested in the whats and the whys regarding it. I wanted to be something special and as I got older I kept saying it was too late, when I was still in primary school I thought I was too old to start doing things, my age has always found some way of embarrassing me no matter what age I was. I don't know why I thought my life was over before it had even begun.

Myself, my Mum, Auntie and Nana laughed in the garden today that my Papa wanted us to be the Von Trap family, he would love to hear us sing, he adored it, and he's a hard man to please. He was always stern when I did concerts, he had no fear in chastising a 9 year old child when she was off or out of time, he did it because he wanted her to be the best. He drove me to the School of Music every Saturday for three years, he was the only one who came to ALL my concerts, I never remember Papa missing one, my own father has never heard me sing despite the fact that until I was 16 I was doing shows, recitals etc at least every other month, but dad never wanted to go. Papa went to everything. Papa told me I would be in West End, I would be a leading lady, or an opera soloist, whatever I wanted. Until I gave up, and now I don't sing anymore.

Monday, 1 June 2009

The Enemy

As of tonight I'm officially retiring (for the forseeable future) from my short career of doing gig reviews!
Basically I just can't justify the intellectual turmoil that it puts me under, every sentance I write I have to read over meticulously for fear of coming across as too harsh, too nice, snobby, stupid, mostly just stupid. I have an issue with that, I HATE being called stupid, it's a flyaway comment that is used all too often, I'm guilty of it myself, but calling another human stupid is a grave insult in my book.

Blogging is different, no one cares about what I have to say here, but reviewing actually means something, my last review the promoters asked me to do it! I'm the enemy if I express my opinion, I'm a liar if I don't. Either way people are pulling me from both sides to be something. I love music, I enjoy writing, it should be a perfect match, but I have no authority for my opinion to be worth more than anyone elses. You want to know what a band is like? Just go and see them gig, form your own opinions, they are the most important, and don't judge gigs on what people like me say.

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

So here is my last ever review, it's probably my worst actually, it was pretty rushed, but you can see my others on nichart and nipodcast if you really care

Reno Room, Rupture Dogs, A Plastic Rose
Xposure, Auntie Annies 24/05/09

Xposure at Auntie Annies is fast becoming a mecca for new bands in Belfast, usually focusing on a locally established headliner coupled with up and coming acts, tonight saw Reno Room and The Rupture Dogs support A Plastic Rose. With a bank holiday on the horizon it would have been fair to have anticipated a packed house of revellers intent on making the most of a Monday off, but the crowd trickled in steadily only building up towards the headliners. Nonetheless the atmosphere made up for disappointing numbers early on in the night.

Reno Room valiantly took to the stage first and grabbed attention with the immediate highlight of their set, 'Can't Stop Hiding', the guitar riff to which instantly implants itself in the audience's head and refuses to let go. The grinding guitars are most suitably likened to an earlier Biffy Clyro sound, a time when vocals took a backseat to the purposeful intention of the melody. Unfortunately four songs into the set the lead singer's string broke, not an unusual occurance by any standard, but it seemed an excessively long wait before they were ready to play again. After the string debacle, despite being overtime already, they were rushed into one final song with their confidence obviously shaken.

Second up were The Rupture Dogs, providing a considerably darker, gritty element to the lineup, 'Today and Tonight' is an excellent example of how a good alt-rock song should sound. Rupture Dogs are brimming with potential for the future, their uncomprimising energy was evident on stage and explicit when word was spread that bones were chipped during the performance. Impressively powerful drums burst through every song, overall a highly enjoyable set which paved the way well for the headliners.

A Plastic Rose have been embarking on a whirlwind of gigs recently with the trend set to continue well into the summer. Fresh from supporting the ASIWYFA vs Fighting With Wire gig, A Plastic Rose have found their own following, evident by the marked increase in the crowd, and their willingness to edge ever so slightly closer to the stage. The harmonies in 'All You Know and Love Will Die' are staggeringly beautiful, vocally emanating a stripped down, raw side to the band, A Plastic Rose are versatile, and well aware of it. 'Opus Dei' begins in the same vein, emotionally effectual vocals contrasting with the increasingly harsher melody as the song progresses. This song obviously envokes some sentiment within the band, not least because they announced that originally it was an instrumental before they later added lyrics, both times debuted on that very same stage in the attic. As they announced they had played their final song I couldn't help but notice a few distressed glances around the audience, however after succumbing to the power of encore pressure, A Plastic Rose performed their essential crowd pleasing party-piece, 'Kids Don't Behave Like This'. The room was electric, they certainly have learnt how to whip up a furious reaction, a skill which is altogether lost in a huge number of other bands. As the chorus repeats the boys are obviously revelling in the crowd singing their own song at them, as the night draws to a close and Annie's dies quiet you can still hear the echoes of A Plastic Rose threatening “put your f*cking hands in the air! ...No...Seriously.” For a band like this, we'll do what we're told.

- Emma Louise Fisher