Sunday, 14 June 2009

Calcium is Deadly

Generally I start blogging with some sort of intention as to what I want to talk about, something that can act as a focus to drag my ramblings back to. Not this time, so apologise for the rather twisted train of thought.

Since last blogged I saw the Manics, it was phenomonal, I cried, yes, I am a twat. The next day (Sunday) I took Abi on her mystery birthday tour. We went to Dublin to see War of the Worlds, Alexis James ran around the audience and a fleeting thought gripped me as I sat at the end of the aisle..."jump in front of him". I didn't but oh lordy it took some personal strength. Justin Hayward missed his cue for the Eve of The War too, that was mad!

And so ends the official post-exam celebrations. Oh...except for the traditional end-of-an-era piercings!
As of Wednesday 10th June, I am the proud owner of three more surface piercings, all around my right hip bone! Two green discs with a purple star in the middle!

(Similar to this but with three of them a less attractive tummy)
I love them so much, it's a little worrying that no one else likes them, but hell, if I'm destined to be alone I'm going to be alone and happy!

I was going to launch into a self-reflexive commentary on my most recent dabblings in self destruction but I don't think I have the energy for soul searching today.

Instead I'll end with a run down of the exciting July ahead, all courtesy of the Trans Belfast festival. It amazes me the amount of people who don't know what's going on in their own city, it's a real shame

Copy and Pasted straight from my facebook note, these are my "must do's"
If anyone needs me in July, you shall more than likely find me in the following places!

The Lowly Knights
Panda Kopanda
Seven Summits
John Shelley and the Creatures
Desert Hearts
Dutch Schultz
Strait Laces
Before Machines
(This is going to be annoying because panda kopanda and dutch schultz are on at the same time (presumably) in different places in the Waterfront!-Argle!)

10th July - WATERFRONT
Panama Kings
Axis Of

14th July
La Faro
A Plastic Rose

15th July
Arts as a form of protest (discussion panel)

16th July - WATERFRONT
Liverpool Showcase

16th July
Do the rights thing

18th July - BLACK BOX
Super Extra Bonus Party
Team Fresh

19th July
Black Market

19th July - ULSTER HALL
John Shelley and The Creatures


26th July - BLACK BOX
Money Back Guaranteed
(Katie and the Carnival)

26th July - BLACK BOX CAFE
Sunday Service

There's a good few with clash (mostly with silly work) and some more which I would like to go to but I don't know that I'll have the energy for. It seems I'm lacking in motivation for life as full as it once was.

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