Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More Career-Based Ramblings

Yes, the old man in the previous blog has very obviously affected me. I spent the majority of yesterday -well into the early hours of this morning- trying to find something, anything that could act as an aim for a future career.

So I thought, what am I good at? Unfortunately the answer is sweet f. a! The most useful thing I could come up with is I can fit my fist into my mouth with both my legs behind my head at the same time (oh yes, it has been photographed) unfortunately fetish prostitution isn't very high up in my life ambitions.

So I moved on. What sort of things to I enjoy? Luckily this didn't inspire the same feelings of objective loathing, in essence, I'm a very easy lady to please. I enjoy lots of things, usually I'm cheered up by the most simple things. I love music, but my extensive knowledge doesn't go much further than local bands - but at least that's something. Something I know that I have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of, I enjoy it, but alas Rigsy has already monopolised upon the King of Local Music crown.
I love photography. It's a fairly new endeavour, I never really got the whole Art scene in school, in fact, I was pretty damn annoyed that the art kids could have so much fun (and listen to the radio) while I was stuck in the Business Studies mobile next door. Luckily I wasn't completely consumed by jealousy as my best friend at the time seemed to have a breakdown everytime an art deadline loomed it's ugly head. But photography was never a seperate GCSE in my school so I never had any encounters with it at all. Fortunately now, years later, I've had the pleasure to meet some very talented artists and photographers. I've been given hit-and-run lessons in photography and seem to not be absolutely horrific at it. More important than any actual skill (in my opinion) I really quite like doing it.
My final option was one I've been bouncing about my empty head since GCSE, and bear with me on this one, I used to want to be a sound engineer. Random, I know. I don't really know where the desire came from, it was possibly when I decided my music career had disappeared when I went on my "give up on everything" year (I do have a habit of writing everything off when one route doesn't work out "oh the car door's closed, I guess I'll never learn to drive..." Eventually this progressed into me doing a couple of starter courses in university and realising I was slightly too mathmatically inept to be good at it, however, I found a new love, lighting! I was a lighting artist for a play once, and oh my, it does sound like a fairly non-job, but it was something I loved and did well at. Unfortunately the play lasted 2 weeks in 2nd year of uni, and never have I ventured into anything like that since, out of practice, out of love?
(I did however get to climb the beams and rig up the lights, I thought I was the coolest mo-fo in the world!)

The sad thing is, I know what I want to be when I grow up. In fact I could probably list 10 or more things I could spend the rest of my life contented to the point of ecstacy to be able to have as a career. But they all require a talent that my dumbass creative side never thought to expound upon in my early life. So, fetish prostitution it is then?

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