Monday, 24 August 2009

My New Careers Advisor

Today an old man yelled at me in the street and made me run home to cry. He's generally nice enough, he lives a few doors down from my parents house and I've never had major qualms with him before, in fact, he's usually a delight. So this afternoon I was walking up the horrible hill to my house (after 21 years I still can't do it without wheezing) and I noticed him walking towards me with a big grin on his face. And so it began:

"Hi Cecil, how are you?"
"EMMA! Your hair!! I don't like it, I liked the other shade of purple, this one's too...too bright"
[Yikes, right to the jugular]
"Oh, ok..."
"So have you got a job yet?"
"Oh yes, sure I've been in my job for 2 years now"
"no, I mean proper job. What are you going to do with your life?"
[not a happy question]
"Ah, I'm not sure yet Cecil, I'll find something"
[and so began the death rant]
"EMMA you are 21 years old, you finished university in a silly degree [ouch], and you don't even have an idea about what you want to do? Just what on earth did you think would happen after you finished [my chin starts quivering]. You must have an idea, you're not stupid are you?! I mean, come on! Your poor mother, you need to wise up one of these days [eyes start welling up].
"ok Cecil" *sniff* "I'd better head home..."

Alas, the man has a point.

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  1. Ouch! Your story makes my heart hurt a little. I had an experience sort of similar to this a while back. It was not quite as harsh, but it was also coming from some one my age, in my field. He owns his own company and I guess he just didn't see my work as a graphic designer with one of the County's top firms as being good enough. I was, at the time, proud of myself and even content for the time. But he just kept looking at me, from too close a distance, and saying "but what are you going to do?" as if so far I'd done nothing.