Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...we are floating in space...

In a blatent attempt to pick any remnants of selp-pity out of my little head I decided to take a little break from seeing people recently. Iscolation after a long bout of hardcore social interactions. It was really good in some aspects, I did a lot of reading, got stuck into my philosophy again and took some time to breathe. On the other hand it was devastatingly lonely, but a kind of necessary lonliness (to be a complete fangirl and steal a line from a friend's song, but one which can properly convey the sentiment- "you think I'm lonely, but I'm only on my own".) Anyway, I had my week and a bit of extreme self-involved introversion and decided my slump was well and truely over! On Thursday I got to blow bubbles in a music video for one of my friend's bands! I'll post it up when it's finished, I can only imagine how phenomonally sureal the entire thing must look (I dont want to spoil too much before it's up). I then absolutely hit the ground running into public life with a Saturday extravaganza thanks to the police closing down the au party and us having to relocate to a house on Melrose Street, the ENTIRE au party, in a house 1/4 the size. It. Was. Fantastic. The most wonderful part though, was even though I'd been awol for such a short amount of time in reality, people noticed, my friends were lovely and patient with me, people who I barely know were making sure I was going to come to the party and not slink off home. I am unbelievably grateful to have such gloriously caring people around me!

And so, I have returned to live a life of hedonism, rampaging through the streets of Belfast with early morning bottles of rosé! Long may it continue!

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