Thursday, 22 October 2009

so freeking excited about Question Time!

Now I'm a liiittle bit of a Nordie politics nerd (probably one of the few without a strong political allegiance), and my Thursday night routine was the source of giddiness for me for years. Mum works Thursday nights, so I got to sit undisturbed in the kitchen and bake delicious treats while watching Hearts and Minds, then Lets Talk, then over to the Politics Show on BBC2, but oh my, Question Time was my dirty little dip into National politics, I'm most definately less knowledgeable about the UK political system, but I get by! So tonight (in case anyone has been living under a rock) Nick Griffin will be on the panel representing the BNP, thats my main contension, I think he should be there unaffiliated with an illegal party, but anyway.... It's going to be a tumultuous show, there's bound to be some sort of disturbance, god I adore live tv! My friend who works in the BBC in Belfast was giving me a facebook chat second by second detailed description of the protest, we're miles away and the anti-BBC feeling is so strong! I don't agree with the reason behind protests (for once), I do believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion and should be given the opportunity to defend it, no matter how disgustingly bigotted and hate-filled that opinion may be. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE protests, such a spirited display of passionate people, it makes me proud when at times I feel like society has become entirely apathetic. I love strong views, I love passion!

10.35... (don't miss Hearts and Minds first though)

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