Saturday, 31 October 2009

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The One Of Me

God, I love Belfast, there is so little I don't like about it, if you took away the scumbags and political nutcases it'd be perfect! But everything is getting a little samey, Monday night pub quiz, Friday night Blackout/Gigantic, Saturday night Laverys, Sunday night No Dancing. and repeat...
It's great because parties are always mega, and the banter is class, but it's just the same places I think. There's a handful of decent venues despite the fact theres an above average number of kick ass bands to play in them, so we end up in the same places night after night. I think I'm going to need to run away and go on another adventure soon, I need a change of scenery and a little escape! Then I'll come back because there's nowhere in the world I'll ever love more than Belfast (ha, city-proud uch emma?!)

A free house, a sound-system and a fridge full of beer;
I've known how this story ends for a good few years.
The night lays out before my eyes, there's no new faces, no surprises.
This town is growing old with me, so I'm making a move.

Everybody round here's been out with everybody else,
Which makes talking to girls hazardous to my health.
They've been in this genepool so long they've got wrinkled toes;
I don't want all her exes to be people I know.
There's millions more fish in the sea, so I'm making a move.

I'm bored of this town, bored of this scene, bored of these people, yeah.
I'm bored of this town, bored of this scene, bored of these people, yeah.
I'm an expert at pretending that everything is OK,
But I'm just a kid and it seems as if I've signed my life away.
I need to get out and see what the rest of the world is about.
This town ain't big enough for the one of me, I'm making a move.

Every guy with long hair round here is a star,
According to his girlfriend and the way that he holds his guitar.
If anyone gets out they stick in the knife, I don't want to get stuck here for the rest of my life.
I'm sick of these fuckers, I'm moving on.

I still want to be buried here, just like I said,
but I'd prefer it if you'd wait until I'm actually dead.
It's easy to get caught inside a town that seems to have a hive-mind,
But I'm packing up and moving on,
When I move out from my parents' house I'm gone, yeah fuck you guys I'm gone.

This town ain't big enough for the one of me,
So why don't you get from in front of me?
We're all going to move to london anyway, so I'll see you in town.

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  1. Wow, thats exactly how I feel right now. Words of wisdom there Emma!x