Thursday, 29 October 2009


Why hello!
It's nearly hallowe'en ooOOOooooo!! Can't wait, I'm going to nana and papas for old school hallowe'en partying, then up west for Sarah's getting ready partay, then to the AU ball! So much fun! I'm going as swine flu, so basically I'm a sick piggy (despite the fact I woke up this morning and really AM a sick piggy, but I'm hopin thats because I slept in my arts and crafts box lol!
I've met a mad amount of new people recently! It's been class, I love making new friends! People are so lovely! I'm working loads but I'm just kinda keeping my head down and getting through it, it's going to happen a lot more coming up to xmas-but sure! Means I can save (ha!) some money and get a wee trip over to see my english folk I heart in 2010!

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