Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Weekend Synopsis in the style of youtube videos

Yes, I know it's Saturday night, but Thursday/Friday tired my weary body out so I've spent my night in bed with dvd's!
Truely epic pre-weekend!

Thursday saw the return of English Abi home to us, an old school Radar night was called for, and in early celebration of Greggles birthday we had a re-Union (geddit? geddit!)
Supporting JSC was Seven Summits (sorry-I missed Jumping Orbit)

Seven Summits own lovely instore playing Make Lemonade earlier this year. It's another fantastic Bandwidth video by the lovely Will McConnell!

Headlining were John Shelly and the Creatures! My own moment of loserness occurred when someone poked me and said "shout for them to play that song everyone knows," so muggins here screams "Annngelllllinnnneeee"...yeah, apparently they have a really famous ad on TV, and my own little nichart favourite is not the cool hip JSC song anymore!

Angeline-it was the encore anyway! So I didn't look too fangirly...only a bit

Friday! Much more of a "rawr-enducing" night musically...and generally...
Stiff Kitten for La Faro (and by La Faro I mean Team Fresh...)

Strait Laces again I missed because of napping not pre-drinking this time! That's slightly more excuseable. So I came in with just enough time to push to the front, harass Rik who was djing, and get my Team Fresh head on!

Last Orders! There's no way you can look cool singing along word perfect to this.

Finally La Faro, A certain doherty sister and I got a little carried away during Mr Heskey, but I can't find it online anywhere! 222...888...444.

Tupenny Nudger, almost as good as Mr Heskey, certainly less likely to cause two girls to anger the majority of those surrounding them!

The aftermath of these gigs is not suitable for public blogging, but my lordy, I do love a good night out in Belfast!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Quizzes? How wonderfully 2007!

Hello to lovely new follower Tommy Vice
From his fantastic blog I have been an absolute scoundral and stolen the 20 questions quiz, it's been a while since I've done one online so allow me to indulge a little, I went through a slight obsession back in the days of bebo.

1. when did u last throw up?
Not too long ago, I'm not great at remembering specifics

2. who was your favourite starwars character?
The ewoks, I wanted one as a pet!

3. if you could throw one celeb to the lions, who would it be?
Only one? Probably Cheryl Cole for crimes against music

4. if you could have a superpower, what would it be?
The ability to travel through space and time

5. what's your booze of choice?

6. who's the biggest arsehole celeb you've met?
Mikita Oliver from T4 barely a celeb, barely a human

7. have you got any strange phobias?
nah, I'm well hard me!

8. what would your funeral be like?
I'm going to have a huge outdoor gig with all my friends around properly partying! I'll be jealous I wasn't there

9. do you do the myspace / twitter thing?
Myspace yes, twitter no, I have one but it's been lying dormant for months

10. what's the most illegal thing you've ever done?
criminal damage, not proud kids, not proud!

11. what's the worst injury you've received?
I've only ever been given one injury by someone, a broken collar bone from Chris our neighbour when I was 10.

12. what's the worst idea you've ever had?
Most saturday nights result in some sort of bad idea

13. what was the first album you bought?
Nirvana Nevermind, no one ever believes me though :(

14. what makes an awesome night properly awesome?
Getting ready/dinner at mine with a few friends, meeting a few more at the pub then everyone at Blackout or Lavs with a Lisburn Road afterparty.

15. what's the stupidest thing you've ever said to a girl you liked?
I'm going to substitute this for boy (watch out PC brigade) but that would be less of a "said" more of a "moronic laugh" that occured very recently...It was the epitome of scunderedness.

16. no arms or no legs?
no legs

17. what have you seen that you wish you could un-see?
One specific episode with my dad an ambulance and a fuck load of blood

18. what's the most you've ever needed the toilet?
Again...most saturdays. But I think it was actually when I was going home from school when I was about 15, I remeber searing pain in my bladder!

19. what's the punchline of your favourite joke?
'Cos as soon as their head hits the pillow their legs spread... (it's pretty much the only joke I know)

20. tell us something brilliant.
I've been happier this year than I probably have been my entire's brilliant to me :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

*sigh* oh sleep, why do you tease me so!

So I was fully falling asleep, happy as a pyjama-ed girl tucked up in her cosy corner (my bed has a cosy corner now)...

"wonderful" thinks I,
"lovely, up nice and early for work and be fully on form for my first day back"
No no.
Sleep would not have it...
Sleep decided to evade my mind and instead have it polluted with imagination!
"OH NO, imagination, go away!! Leave me to my slumber"
but no sleep retreated in fear of the epic AMAZINGNESS that imagination was creating.

And so, at 2am, I am writing a whimsical yet socially astute song parody.
...of course!

Yes. Anyway,

I dont believe I ever posted *this*...this being the music video that I, albeit briefly, was in for Katie and the Carnival. I do love bubbles!

I am proud of my meagre achievements!

I am also goingt o see this band tomorrow and I might just pee my pants a little if I get to meet them! A load of my friends are being interviewed at it, 'cos they're important band types, and I, because I am an unimportant tag-along type am, well...tagging along.

And finally, a while ago I went through a big obsession with waking up every morning to the Voluntary Butler Scheme, but for some reason never blogged said obsession. He is simply perfection. I saw him at Dukebox completely by accident and wouldnt have remembered who it was if Toner hadnt pointed the album out in work just before he left. So yeah, it's one rather charming man doing things with pedals that I don't understand (like Ruby Colley, she too, creates mind-blowing music by tapping her wee foot).

I remember it was this song in particular that made the ladies fall in love with him, terrible quality video, but worth it for nostalgia!

Ok, I'm going to try and tempt sleep back into my head, I think my creativity for the night has been spent. I was arts and crafts'ing earlier too! Children like I should be tuckered out and awaiting the sandman by now...metallica's sandman obviously...

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Fuck me this shit is painful