Tuesday, 17 November 2009

*sigh* oh sleep, why do you tease me so!

So I was fully falling asleep, happy as a pyjama-ed girl tucked up in her cosy corner (my bed has a cosy corner now)...

"wonderful" thinks I,
"lovely, up nice and early for work and be fully on form for my first day back"
No no.
Sleep would not have it...
Sleep decided to evade my mind and instead have it polluted with imagination!
"OH NO, imagination, go away!! Leave me to my slumber"
but no sleep retreated in fear of the epic AMAZINGNESS that imagination was creating.

And so, at 2am, I am writing a whimsical yet socially astute song parody.
...of course!

Yes. Anyway,

I dont believe I ever posted *this*...this being the music video that I, albeit briefly, was in for Katie and the Carnival. I do love bubbles!

I am proud of my meagre achievements!

I am also goingt o see this band tomorrow and I might just pee my pants a little if I get to meet them! A load of my friends are being interviewed at it, 'cos they're important band types, and I, because I am an unimportant tag-along type am, well...tagging along.

And finally, a while ago I went through a big obsession with waking up every morning to the Voluntary Butler Scheme, but for some reason never blogged said obsession. He is simply perfection. I saw him at Dukebox completely by accident and wouldnt have remembered who it was if Toner hadnt pointed the album out in work just before he left. So yeah, it's one rather charming man doing things with pedals that I don't understand (like Ruby Colley, she too, creates mind-blowing music by tapping her wee foot).

I remember it was this song in particular that made the ladies fall in love with him, terrible quality video, but worth it for nostalgia!

Ok, I'm going to try and tempt sleep back into my head, I think my creativity for the night has been spent. I was arts and crafts'ing earlier too! Children like I should be tuckered out and awaiting the sandman by now...metallica's sandman obviously...


  1. yeys for the rusty zip :D and insomnia... xx


  2. I am indeed a rusty fan! :)
    Lovin' your blog!