Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Weekend Synopsis in the style of youtube videos

Yes, I know it's Saturday night, but Thursday/Friday tired my weary body out so I've spent my night in bed with dvd's!
Truely epic pre-weekend!

Thursday saw the return of English Abi home to us, an old school Radar night was called for, and in early celebration of Greggles birthday we had a re-Union (geddit? geddit!)
Supporting JSC was Seven Summits (sorry-I missed Jumping Orbit)

Seven Summits own lovely instore playing Make Lemonade earlier this year. It's another fantastic Bandwidth video by the lovely Will McConnell!

Headlining were John Shelly and the Creatures! My own moment of loserness occurred when someone poked me and said "shout for them to play that song everyone knows," so muggins here screams "Annngelllllinnnneeee"...yeah, apparently they have a really famous ad on TV, and my own little nichart favourite is not the cool hip JSC song anymore!

Angeline-it was the encore anyway! So I didn't look too fangirly...only a bit

Friday! Much more of a "rawr-enducing" night musically...and generally...
Stiff Kitten for La Faro (and by La Faro I mean Team Fresh...)

Strait Laces again I missed because of napping not pre-drinking this time! That's slightly more excuseable. So I came in with just enough time to push to the front, harass Rik who was djing, and get my Team Fresh head on!

Last Orders! There's no way you can look cool singing along word perfect to this.

Finally La Faro, A certain doherty sister and I got a little carried away during Mr Heskey, but I can't find it online anywhere! 222...888...444.

Tupenny Nudger, almost as good as Mr Heskey, certainly less likely to cause two girls to anger the majority of those surrounding them!

The aftermath of these gigs is not suitable for public blogging, but my lordy, I do love a good night out in Belfast!

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