Friday, 25 December 2009

Emma Louise Fisher's Christmas Message 2009

2009 has been IMMENSE!
Most definately and undeniably the best year of my life so far, and the reason for this is because of YOU!
I have been so lucky to have become friends with a huge number of exceptionally talented, beautiful, interesting, smart and funny people. Without dwelling on 2008, it was little stagnent.
This year I have renewed friendships with people I have known for a while, and although some of them I don't get to see anymore (my english soul sisters especially) it makes the short contact we do make with each other even more special!

There are a multitude of people I really really want to mention by name, but that's a little creepy on my part! So in a secret-unbreakable code, thank you to: all the lisburn road kids, the north coast contingent, a carnival queen, the gruesome threesome, my Forfey and Rathlin crew, old and new uni folks, panic dots/ni chart'ers, the few decent folk left in hmv and the ghosts of collegues past, and of course team weekend blackout fridays and laverys saturdays forever!

Apologies for the gay post, but there's a lotta love that needs shared!
Bring on 2010