Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'ere mate, yee from fockin' belfast ar sumfin?

Aye, it's been a while since I've done a ranting "oh my god Belfast music is the most fantastic thing in the world ever and I will fight to the death anyone who thinks otherwise!" I have had arguments about it before...scenester accusations are not welcome, in fact, I don't care, I love the fact that people I know can create something so beautiful, I'm fiercely proud of my friends and the place I come from. So here it is...

Emma's Belfast: A Musical Montage

Two Door Cinema Club

Unfortunately I couldn't find a good video of my favourite Two Door song Do You Want It All? Plus I thought this was pretty cool played acoustically. I remember the first time I saw them support someone in the Empire and being really drunk and buying the EP off Alex cos I fancied him! (haha, years later and I'm still officially scundered)


Bored Housewife

(No video I can find I'm afraid, although I'm sure I've seen one from the Pavillion before, searching "Bored Housewife on google certainly makes for interesting results....)

Justin and Meabh are two seemingly ordinary people, perfectly pleasent, charming in every way, but together they form the roguish alter-ego Bored Housewife. Lyrically, their music combines both a child-like innocence with an unhindered mischievous streak, hell-bent on exposing the human condition for the simplistic animal it is. I defy anyone to hear I Met A Girl and not giggle like a little boy saying "titmouse." The comparison to Moldy Peaches is inevitable, but the spark that makes Bored Housewife that little bit more special is the local context, although I'm not sure the Northern Irish tourist board would be altogether grateful if Oh Andy was regularly sung at Windsor Park. Probably the most unique band in Belfast at the minute, live shows notoriously descend into an audience spasming in laughter whilst Justin and Meabh look on unperturbed. Bored Housewife shove reality in your face, yes, maybe Evanescence should look into restraining orders, bunny rabbits shouldn't eat jaffa cakes but Paul Rankin...well...we all guessed anyway.

Yes she's one of my best friends but that doesn't mean I don't get to pimp her (since I'm actually also her pimp buy?! you buy?!). Ciara is Cara is Class! Go Quietly is her best song, I think she disagrees but she doesn't get a say in it, I love it!


Mental Deficiency

No seriously, this video doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of how low Mental Defiviency can go, lycra and facemasks, wireless instruments, chopped NEED to see this band live and if you don't like it you're a dead hollow shell inside.

Team Fresh

Team Fresh playing Causeway Rebel at the Brawl this year...yes that's me and tweedy at the front and yes they are my absolute favourite band in Belfast (based in Belfast that is...) and YES I know I look like a twat, but I can live with it purely for the sheer atmosphere of being front and centre during a TF gig. I've only become friends with a few of them recently but before then I can honestly say they were the band that I've seen most often that haven't had a member that I'm a good friend of.

Panama Kings

It almost seems a cliché to mention the Panama Kings, but I thought I'd start and finish this little section with probably the two biggest local bands Two Door and the PK's (apparently it's not cool to use full names anymore). They hated me for my associations with the JD set and I used to be genuinely afraid that they'd find out who I was after I heard them slagging off the set at a Kick Out The Jams recording I was at years ago. Of course as with all things I was being a stupid bitch and they were being rawkstars (the "w" is the letter of importance there) and for the most part those boys are absolute gems and I wish them the world on a platter. Just remember the little people... *cough* that would be me and Andrea chucking glowsticks at Niall's face during their massive BBC 4 Nations gig! Oh and I refuse to post the Golden recruit video with my big gob in it, it pains me that searching "panama kings" on google brings up that video as the second result...


  1. "goodbye pluto" are one of my top belfast acts, "fall from grace" is an epic track! although they aren't really belfast bands, (more cultchie bands lol) my personal faves are Swannee River and The Bonnevilles... check em out!! x

  2. i know them, the bonnevilles actually played at the ni chart birthday last week! Yeah I've heard a lot of good things about goodbye pluto live but i've never seen them!

  3. My comment on the last blog should go on this one.