Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It's funny how if you just give yourself time to breathe a lot of chaos is put into perspective. I was reading a blog, and I've been toying with the idea of neglecting to mention who's it was, however for the sake of honesty and credit where credit is due, it was Gerry Adams. Now, shock horror Emma likes politics?! This won't be a revelation to most people reading this who know me in person, but I had no idea Mr Adams even had a blog, I'm quietly impressed in fact, my mum panics anytime she has to so much as read off a computer screen. But I digress...So, reading his blog it contained pretty much what one would expect from the leader of a polerised party, I'm sure if Mr Robinson had one it would read similarly (although just how long the DUP will accept little Pete as leader is questionable). The opening to one post however caught my eye and highlighted the transience of the waves of discontent in life, my life, and especially in the murky waters of tribal politics.
"Everything is relative. That has long been the view of this Blog. The problems afflicting the political process here pale to insignificance when set in the context of what is happening in other parts of the world.

That is not to say that we should not sort out our problems. Of course not. They need dealt with urgently and efficiently. But others have bigger problems. And we need to think of them also.

There are the people in the makeshift cities of multi-coloured blankets and sheets and bits of cloth which string as far as the eye can see. There are the people who stand about in their thousands dazed and confused. Others are desperately scrabbling at mounds of debris with their bare hands in a desperate race against time to find those who might still be buried beneath the rubble. While others stand behind barred gates with hands outstretched desperately hoping for something, anything, that will keep them and their families alive."

LĂ©argas 10th January 2010

I don't believe in god, I'm against the use of the word athiest (purely on philosophical merit) but if we're only using common lexicon then, well, colour me athiest. But, I cried when I heard Foy play this song live. And as a rule I don't cry, it's very rarely broken...

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  1. I was in a belfast band but we never made it to the stage. I used to go to all these heavy metal rock and roll vomit parties, they were fun but there was this one where I had been kicked out of my band and had been relagated to standing at the sidelines talking to this guy who kept telling me he had a prince albert and that his wife didn't leave him, he left her. I never went to another. Sometimes I walk past the old haunts and my heart leaps when I see a kid with an I <3 AU badge on his school blazer instead of a prefects badge, the kids still have heart but mine is crushed and the blood trickles out my ear when I sleep.