Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Six Nations Saturday and Dublin Kids Behaving Badly

Nicely nestled in between Eastenders and Holby City an advert for the beginning of the six nations coverage on the BBC appeared, and slowly, suddenly, it dawned on me...this shall be the first year I have ever lived with people not rugby obsessed. 17 years of my father and 3 years of living with half the Queens ladies rugby team nicely fulfilled my need to complain. I whinged and moaned incessantly about the training cones everywhere and the muck trailed in after training, never mind the crowds of English folk who swarmed upon our house for the rugby matches hollering everytime one of the tree trunk-esque men grabbed, crouched, and ran like hell with the precious oval ball. (I'm reluctantly using the word "ball"..."ball" suggests a sphere...) Today I miss my English friends more than ever, I seem to have had more reason to talk about them today than usual and I've been reminscing about friends further afield. The old rugby crowd, tall Abi and blonde Abbie, Zener, William and Greg, all the English (and Wisconsin) side of me that I don't get to indulge in anymore. The things I would do just to be able to sit in a room filled with my old friends whilst I drink from the punch bin and ignore the shouts and jeers directed at the tv...or maybe I just miss the punch bin...


On Friday a very good friend of mine, who shall be known as Nostromo, will be filming A Plastic Rose's video for their single Kids Don't Behave Like This. All being well I should be present and make another scundering appearence in another local band's video (see: Panama Kings-Golden Recruit). Anyway, it's one of my favourite songs ever, there's nothing more satisfying than belting out "kiiiiiiids dont behave like this, kiiids dont behave liiike thiiiiiiissssss" at the stage, it's very cathartic. Hmm...


Finally, since I'm now financially challenged (yes I quit hmv) I probably won't have the chance to go to this, but I'm going to pimp it anyway! Tomorrow RĂșairĂ­ of A Futurist Theatre fame is hosting the opening night of Metropolis in Dubberlin. Lets not beat around the bush here (heehee bush...) it IS fairly nerdy, there WILL be gamer and sci-fi references carpeting your face and I CAN'T think of another statement to finish this sentence. The music's going to be epic no doubt and I certainly will make it my mission to get to metropolis #2.


  1. No Emma :(

    I know a girl called Noemma

    love youuuuuu xx <3

  2. fraid not m'dear! Finances are dire!
    next time next time...