Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Emma's Emo Blog

Lovely lovely Rik from Panic Dots named my blog "Emma's Emo Blog" on his blogroll. In keeping with this I feel obliged* to pimp the next big PKs gig in Mandela which is also raising money for PIPS the Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide and self-harm.

*Who am I trying to kid, this gig is going to be EPIC!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Spreading little bit of solidarity...

Pocket Billiards

Duke Special
Back to basic norn iron choonage

Eilis Philips
Probably the only astro-physicist-bassist-singer-songwriter in Belfast...possibly the world...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rams' Pocket Radio

I apologise for being so completely unoriginal in my video choices. Bandwidth have some sort of monopoly over all the songs I want to blog. I rather adore bandwidth for that...

This is Pete McAuley, or in his batman-esque alter ego, the fantastic Rams' Pocket Radio. It makes me want to throw my unborn children into womb piano lessons.

Pete also plays with Silhouette (aka Shauna Tohill), this short snippit is from the Trans Belfast festival last year where I saw them play Vicky Square dome. I just love the sound that echoed around the done during this gig, I saw Heliopause in the dome too and it was equally spine-tingling. As with all the videos, this one isn't mine either!

This has been a very couple-y post, but I've been neglecting too much awesome music in the blog recently
Lisburn. I salure you.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thursday 11th March - The Day of Good News

It began,
Job interview that morning, a very long, very detailed interview. Then met up with some lovely peeps I hardly ever see for a bite of lunch. Then away with t'boyfriend for a small alcoholic beverage, where I got given a preeeetty skirt from Mammy boyfriend too! Onwards in the day I get a phonecall saying I got the job
whoopage for me!

But here's the best part of the day.

Walking into the house there was a structuarally unsound fort in the living room, now the fort was EPIC, and in it lay some of my friends, sitting round generally partying in a homemade fort. Until...one of them complains of stomach pains, severe, mind-distressing stomach pains. She can't move so we call the ambulance and I run about going "nooo...the 999 lady said don't move" and "[name]...[NAME] where's the pain exactly?!!" as she's writing around in agony. Eventually the ambulance comes and she and her boyfriend are taken off to the hospital.

Hours later...

A text...

[name] has had a baby boy!

Yup, no one knew she was pregnant, she didn't know, but now she has a healthy happy baby boy who we're all going to dote over and make sure he grows up to be the coolest most badass mofo in the world!!
I think the fort building may have caused the early labour...but I never finished (or started) medical school.

*Please note that the most important part of this story is that I held her hand while she was having contractions and talked to the ambulance people on the phone. Therefore the baby should be called Emma...it's a unisex name....

Monday, 1 March 2010

Poor Little Anglerfish

It's not his fault he looks so scary (actually that's a female, you can tell from the thingy on it's head...yes...the thingy)

I for one am no longer going to recoil when I see this little cutie pie, look at him all slimey, sure it just wants a big 'ol cuddle...