Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rams' Pocket Radio

I apologise for being so completely unoriginal in my video choices. Bandwidth have some sort of monopoly over all the songs I want to blog. I rather adore bandwidth for that...

This is Pete McAuley, or in his batman-esque alter ego, the fantastic Rams' Pocket Radio. It makes me want to throw my unborn children into womb piano lessons.

Pete also plays with Silhouette (aka Shauna Tohill), this short snippit is from the Trans Belfast festival last year where I saw them play Vicky Square dome. I just love the sound that echoed around the done during this gig, I saw Heliopause in the dome too and it was equally spine-tingling. As with all the videos, this one isn't mine either!

This has been a very couple-y post, but I've been neglecting too much awesome music in the blog recently
Lisburn. I salure you.

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