Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thursday 11th March - The Day of Good News

It began,
Job interview that morning, a very long, very detailed interview. Then met up with some lovely peeps I hardly ever see for a bite of lunch. Then away with t'boyfriend for a small alcoholic beverage, where I got given a preeeetty skirt from Mammy boyfriend too! Onwards in the day I get a phonecall saying I got the job
whoopage for me!

But here's the best part of the day.

Walking into the house there was a structuarally unsound fort in the living room, now the fort was EPIC, and in it lay some of my friends, sitting round generally partying in a homemade fort. of them complains of stomach pains, severe, mind-distressing stomach pains. She can't move so we call the ambulance and I run about going "nooo...the 999 lady said don't move" and "[name]...[NAME] where's the pain exactly?!!" as she's writing around in agony. Eventually the ambulance comes and she and her boyfriend are taken off to the hospital.

Hours later...

A text...

[name] has had a baby boy!

Yup, no one knew she was pregnant, she didn't know, but now she has a healthy happy baby boy who we're all going to dote over and make sure he grows up to be the coolest most badass mofo in the world!!
I think the fort building may have caused the early labour...but I never finished (or started) medical school.

*Please note that the most important part of this story is that I held her hand while she was having contractions and talked to the ambulance people on the phone. Therefore the baby should be called's a unisex name....


  1. Because you're crazy and shit.

  2. Congratulations on your good job interview. Where's the new job?