Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cam Head Creep: aka The Belfast Ripper

The Cam Head Creep has been prowling the streets of Belfast for a couple of months now, when I fist saw him pulling down flyposters in Stranmillis he had his bike but not his trademark hat and flourescent jacket. Now he's evolved, trapping unsuspecting flyposterers all across the city, beware...he has the authority to make a citizens arrest!

This is the first recorded footage of the Cam Head Creep captured while Team Fresh were postering Botanic:

And of course, the Belfast music scene's response, courtesy of John D'arcy, A Plastic Rose, Kasper Rosa and probably a few more:

He's a strange fish...

I'm going to start posting these around town

Lost: One Belfast band.

Answers to the name "Panama Kings". Last seen a few months ago. The Panama Kings are likely to be hiding shy since their little brother Franko ran away. If seen approach softly, they're gentle folk.

The gratitude of scenesters everywhere

Photo by the ever stunning Erin Kelly

laying down lines over rhymes over rhythms...

Tomorrow I take my first plane trip of 2010 from Belfast to East midlands then an undoubtably excruciating car journey to Dent. (Excruciating only because of my inability to travel for more than an hour without experiencing extreme nausea)

Dent isn't on any so called "maps", in fact when my Dentian comrade tried to show me it on google earth a few years ago, it was still a black cloudy mass. The best way to describe its location is somewhere northish, in the Yorkshire Dales, very mountainy, a 'blink and you'll miss it' little town (even town is a bit of a stretch).
They do have their own website detailing important events in Dent...such as the next W.I. meeting.

The old posse, crew, cliqué, hareem...are meeting in Dent for a reunion coinciding with Dent Beer and Folk Festival just look at the pictures on the website, middle aged men drinking ales and cider (ohhh proper English cider) a quaint little day out. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to rip Dent to pieces.


Unfortunately, while I'm away I'll be missing two absolutely fantastic gigs! First up is Bee Mick See's return to gigging, I think this will be the first one since the Brawl in Portrush last year, he's playing in Charlies Coffee Shop supporting Axis Of on Thursday. I love Charlies as a venue, I organised a gig there last year and it's always got a good atmosphere, it has to, it's very difficult to exude bad vibes when you're packed together like drunken sardines.

Here's Bee Mick See and Lovely Denver being Belfast Yanks...What yankers!

Friday night is the long awaited launch for Team Fresh's single Rhythm Tradition. I'm pretty devastated to miss this gig as you can imagine, previous posts will confirm how much of a TF nerd I am, even Chops said it wouldn't be a Team Fresh gig without me at the front...(screaming making a fool of myself)...

I've pimped Team Fresh so much in this blog, to post another video would be bordering on a North Coast fetish, so instead I shall hush my mouth up and point you in the direction of the new Team Fresh Bandcamp where you can hear the single. If you're free and know what's good for you get yourself down to Stiff Kitten on Friday, Pocket Billiards are supporting, I'm so jealous.

Monday, 14 June 2010

No Show

As promised, the video for the last Window Seats single No Show, released at the end of March. Directed by Bryan Stewart and my good friend Jon (Daddy) Beer.
And if he sees this I will get killed for calling him Daddy Beer when refering to his work!

After the original was finished the band released a series of 7 video podcasts explaining the ins and outs of creating a music video like this. It's a collection of photographs by Ricky McQuillan who had been at their side snapping away throughout the process. Funnily enough the only photo not taken by him in the entire series was the one of him which was taken by myself!

Look out for a fleeting appearence by me in the 7th video, coincidently after the words "as the day went on the hungover promises turned up"...yes, I was very late!

Kasper Seats

It's hardly an unusual occurance for gigs to overlap in our little Belfast town, highly frustrating yes, but surely a sign from above (or more likely below) that live music more important than ever. Despite this, last Friday caused more than a few strained friendships when Kasper Rosa and Window Seats collided, releasing their EP and single respectively.

The trauma for those caught in the middle was simple, they are not pretentious musicians, both bands have humble roots and work tirelessly to increase their fanbase and further their music, they are genuinely nice people. As clichéd as that word may be!

This is Kasper Rosa's second EP, and by now fans knew the drill when their personal photos appeared with skulls over their faces (the content of some photos less flattering than others - but the less said about that the better.) Scruffy, aka guitarist Ryan, let me in on a little band trivia during the onslaught of the promotional skulls before first EP. The intention was to have three different animal skulls for the three EPs, I've forgotton the three animals he told me - rest assured they were suitably obscure enough to cause arguments in pubs. I just wonder now that they're signed by Field Records if this idea may have to go out the window, I certainly hope not and Kasper Rosa definately don't seem like the kind of band to have their colours faded just because business tells them to.

Window Seats were launching their double A-Side, Miss Midnight and Awake, the artwork for which was done by a very talented friend of mine Miss Shauna McGowan. Only two and a half months since the release of their now legendary No Show single (video/podcast for which in the next blog post) Window Seats are the true hard working epitome of what a band should be. Not only are they one of the most prolific live bands around town at the moment, heart and soul goes into every project for them. Window Seats, we salute you!