Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cam Head Creep: aka The Belfast Ripper

The Cam Head Creep has been prowling the streets of Belfast for a couple of months now, when I fist saw him pulling down flyposters in Stranmillis he had his bike but not his trademark hat and flourescent jacket. Now he's evolved, trapping unsuspecting flyposterers all across the city, beware...he has the authority to make a citizens arrest!

This is the first recorded footage of the Cam Head Creep captured while Team Fresh were postering Botanic:

And of course, the Belfast music scene's response, courtesy of John D'arcy, A Plastic Rose, Kasper Rosa and probably a few more:

He's a strange fish...


  1. I think that fellah might be found swinging from a bridge with a wee note saying "I just tried to make the world a better place" pinned to his chest.

  2. That top poster is class might use it on my own blog sometime! Where are the photos of him tearing down his own posters? That would be funny to see!