Monday, 14 June 2010

Kasper Seats

It's hardly an unusual occurance for gigs to overlap in our little Belfast town, highly frustrating yes, but surely a sign from above (or more likely below) that live music more important than ever. Despite this, last Friday caused more than a few strained friendships when Kasper Rosa and Window Seats collided, releasing their EP and single respectively.

The trauma for those caught in the middle was simple, they are not pretentious musicians, both bands have humble roots and work tirelessly to increase their fanbase and further their music, they are genuinely nice people. As clich├ęd as that word may be!

This is Kasper Rosa's second EP, and by now fans knew the drill when their personal photos appeared with skulls over their faces (the content of some photos less flattering than others - but the less said about that the better.) Scruffy, aka guitarist Ryan, let me in on a little band trivia during the onslaught of the promotional skulls before first EP. The intention was to have three different animal skulls for the three EPs, I've forgotton the three animals he told me - rest assured they were suitably obscure enough to cause arguments in pubs. I just wonder now that they're signed by Field Records if this idea may have to go out the window, I certainly hope not and Kasper Rosa definately don't seem like the kind of band to have their colours faded just because business tells them to.

Window Seats were launching their double A-Side, Miss Midnight and Awake, the artwork for which was done by a very talented friend of mine Miss Shauna McGowan. Only two and a half months since the release of their now legendary No Show single (video/podcast for which in the next blog post) Window Seats are the true hard working epitome of what a band should be. Not only are they one of the most prolific live bands around town at the moment, heart and soul goes into every project for them. Window Seats, we salute you!

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