Thursday, 24 June 2010

laying down lines over rhymes over rhythms...

Tomorrow I take my first plane trip of 2010 from Belfast to East midlands then an undoubtably excruciating car journey to Dent. (Excruciating only because of my inability to travel for more than an hour without experiencing extreme nausea)

Dent isn't on any so called "maps", in fact when my Dentian comrade tried to show me it on google earth a few years ago, it was still a black cloudy mass. The best way to describe its location is somewhere northish, in the Yorkshire Dales, very mountainy, a 'blink and you'll miss it' little town (even town is a bit of a stretch).
They do have their own website detailing important events in Dent...such as the next W.I. meeting.

The old posse, crew, cliqué, hareem...are meeting in Dent for a reunion coinciding with Dent Beer and Folk Festival just look at the pictures on the website, middle aged men drinking ales and cider (ohhh proper English cider) a quaint little day out. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to rip Dent to pieces.


Unfortunately, while I'm away I'll be missing two absolutely fantastic gigs! First up is Bee Mick See's return to gigging, I think this will be the first one since the Brawl in Portrush last year, he's playing in Charlies Coffee Shop supporting Axis Of on Thursday. I love Charlies as a venue, I organised a gig there last year and it's always got a good atmosphere, it has to, it's very difficult to exude bad vibes when you're packed together like drunken sardines.

Here's Bee Mick See and Lovely Denver being Belfast Yanks...What yankers!

Friday night is the long awaited launch for Team Fresh's single Rhythm Tradition. I'm pretty devastated to miss this gig as you can imagine, previous posts will confirm how much of a TF nerd I am, even Chops said it wouldn't be a Team Fresh gig without me at the front...(screaming making a fool of myself)...

I've pimped Team Fresh so much in this blog, to post another video would be bordering on a North Coast fetish, so instead I shall hush my mouth up and point you in the direction of the new Team Fresh Bandcamp where you can hear the single. If you're free and know what's good for you get yourself down to Stiff Kitten on Friday, Pocket Billiards are supporting, I'm so jealous.

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