Monday, 14 June 2010

No Show

As promised, the video for the last Window Seats single No Show, released at the end of March. Directed by Bryan Stewart and my good friend Jon (Daddy) Beer.
And if he sees this I will get killed for calling him Daddy Beer when refering to his work!

After the original was finished the band released a series of 7 video podcasts explaining the ins and outs of creating a music video like this. It's a collection of photographs by Ricky McQuillan who had been at their side snapping away throughout the process. Funnily enough the only photo not taken by him in the entire series was the one of him which was taken by myself!

Look out for a fleeting appearence by me in the 7th video, coincidently after the words "as the day went on the hungover promises turned up"...yes, I was very late!


  1. That's a cool video, go you and your mates. Get on the blogger a bit more though, eh?